The Gnolls attack

The party entered the village of Kald on the orders of “The Counsel”. Upon entering the village they found a desolate place. as they were beginning to enter the tavern they heard a young woman screaming.

As they ran towards the screams they saw a group of Gnolls chasing her from the fields. The party quickly dispatched them and rescued the girl with the help of the town blacksmith, Samuel.

They were set to task by the village elder to find and dispatch with the Gnoll encampment to rid the area of the scourge.

The party set out the next day to find the source. They came upon a forest and decided to enter and was attacked by a Troll defending its home. They quickly dispatched of the Troll and decided that it may be better to travel on the road.

At nightfall they decided to head toward the temple of Torm but the Barbarian, Domkos, wanted to stay at the crossroads. As he fell asleep he was attacked by a group of Gnolls and Hyenas and was captured and taken back to the base.

The rest of the party traveled to the temple. Upon their arrival back to the camp site they found that Domkos had been captured and taken off to the enemy camp. they followed the tracks back to the camp and defeated all the defenders outside of the encampment.


Pytheous Pytheous

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